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Virtual leadership – effectively leading remote teams



In an agile working world with flat hierarchies and high demands on virtual team members who work from different locations, leadership has changed. Effective virtual team leadership keeps the big picture in view, even at a distance. It will work if it succeeds in creating closeness

  • through authentic and convincing online communication in trusting relationships.
  • in establishing a productive team culture – through team spirit, motivation and personal accountability.




Employee focus
  • Recognize and address the needs of the team and individual employees
  • Promote personal accountability and motivation
  • Strengthen the digital competence of the individual
Team culture
  • Know the levers and mechanisms that influence trustworthy online collaboration

  • Enable strong team performance and results in the home office while enjoying work

  • Be familiar with the new “ways of working” and create successful online team communication with digital tools

Leadership personality
  • Adapt your own management style to the remote situation in order to be able to deal confidently with distance; and in order to provide stability and orientation

  • Develop digital coaching skills in order to lead in an inspiring, empathic and authentic way

  • Use methods, approaches and tools from agile leadership effectively in everyday virtual life

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